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Speciality Chemicals Service Provider


Chemicals for industrial use are a huge range of compounds and the numbers of use and potential use is endless. Sostie is specialized in niche applications for this wide range of applications. We are not focused on commodities, but strong in specialties, which are not easy to source on the world market - independent of the industry.

Also for chemicals of industrial applications we experience more and more inquiries of clients who insist on sourcing local producers to reduce risk of global supply chain problems. In addition, qualifying local manufacturer for dedicated customer production is a big topic, which we can cover within our network.

 Some examples of industrial applications we are doing for our clients:

We are able to offer 

- high purity chemicals (also on customer manufacturing base) for semiconductor industry (content of cations <1ppm)

- chemicals for the production of solar panels.

- products for food industry, as essences, fragrance and additives.

- Finechemicals for photoelectronic applications

- Dyes for various applications