Sourcing Strategies in Excellence

Speciality Chemicals Service Provider


Speciality Chemicals Service Provider

Sourcing Strategies in Excellence


We are a dynamic, motivated and sophisticated team with a high level of experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical & biotechnological industry. 

Michael Hanzl

I'm the Founder & CEO of Sostie. I'm an educated chemist and sales & marketing specialist with 30 years + experience in international markets. I love to help solving difficult tasks and to build strong, reliable and positive relationships with partners which ends in win-win situations for all participants. 


Gabija Stankeviciute:

Here at Sostie we have big plans for the upcoming years – it will be my pleasure, as a business developer and sourcing agent to make those plans a reality via timeliness and good communication with our partners. I will be happy to look into any procurement difficulties within your supply chain and assist in bridging the gaps by establishing connections with qualified manufacturers in Europe and all over the world.   


Vilune Atkociunaite:

I'm an educated pharmacist and as a business developer in Sostie my main role here is to provide you full service due to your inquiry from managing cases to providing and controlling product delivery. I am the first contact in Sostie about pharmaceutical topics. Together with your company will try to find the best solution for both parties. Will develop quotes and proposals from our side and will lead our project from beginning till the end. Hope to build a strong and trusting relationship based on long-term cooperation.

Let’s grow together! 


Doris Hanzl:

Founder & CFO of Sostie, I'm responsible for all the financial figures and numbers in Sostie. Love to watch how we help clients finding solutions in their supply chain. Creating and working in a positive and creative environment is a key achievement of Sostie.


Wolfgang Triebl

Wolfgang Triebl is an external consultant for industrial chemicals in Central Europe! We started the cooperation to offer the best possible access for purchasing departments of industrial clients. 30+ years in international sales is a very welcomed value for Sostie and our clients!

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  • Each inquiry is taken seriously with individual treatment and initial action

  • Investigating the market and finding a manufacturer for your product(s) in CEE/US - and in China with a local partner.

  • If required, we organize a secrecy agreement between client and potential partner- supervising the whole process from your inquiry - to final delivery

  • Coordinating the supply contract and requested and necessary paperwork

  • Constant updates about the process to keep time and budget plan


We are looking for cooperation partners in distributing our products and services in new areas and countries!

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We hire Sales & Business Development specialists

We hire trainees for sales and business development

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Founded in 2014 by Michael Hanzl, Sostie developed quickly to one of the most reliable and experienced companies for sourcing in Europe. From this we encouraged our partners to outsource production with and without technical package to partner companies of Sostie. We evolved to the point where we are sourcing chemicals, mainly in EU, but also with our subsidiary in USA and with our partners in China. More than this, we can offer from stock interesting chemicals for many applications. Please find out in our section "products"