We are SOSTIE 

Sourcing and Marketing Services in Excellence



We are a dynamic and sophisticated team with a high level of experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical & biotechnological industry. 

Our partner companies are: 

  • covering most of the chemical reactions, with high sophisticated equipment and fair production costs to deliver high quality!
  • performing required regulatory standards (e.g. EP, USP, BP,...)

  • sized between 3 and 3000 employees

  • running fine chemical, cGMP and FDA approved facilities

  • using fantastic state of the art R&D possibilities with high qualified staff

  • investing in their facilities to expand production capacity

  • highly motivated and fast acting 

  • located in CEE and US

Our clients are: 

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • API Producer
  • Fine Chemical Companies
  • Chemical Traders
  • Diagnostic Companies
  • Cosmetic Companies
  • Biotec Companies