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18.2.2024: We are happy to announce, that we are starting a partnership with Paul Lockyer, an Australien consulter, for our services and products for the Australien and South East Asian market!

23.1.2024: Introducing ChemQuest Dialogues! Follow us on LinkedIn for interesting insights in our business with interesting interviews.

9.1.2024: Welcome to 2024! We are excited to explore the possibilities of this year! Please follow us on LinkedIn for updates, product and other news!

20.12.2023: merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful new year 😊

10.11.2023:  New products available: Nil Red CAS 18326-30-2 and Thiazole Orange CAS 107091-89-4!

13.9.2023: We attend at CPHI Barcelona! Meet Edith, Wolfgang and or Michael there! Still some time slots open for appointments!

1.9.2023: Internal NEWS: We are happy to announce the wedding of our Business development specialist Marta!

2.8.2023: Follow us on LinkedIN: Posts & Updates & NEWS!

19.7.2023: Great days in Lithuania, rising clients, partners and friends!

12.6.2023: Introducing our Nutraceutical portfolio! - Great products: Specialities & Commodities!

30.5.2023: What a great Chemspec in Basel! See you next year in Düsseldorf, Germany!

13.5.2023: Find exotic intermediates in our product list, like cis-1,4-Dichloro-2-butene CAS: 1476-11-5

1.5.2023: Happy Labour Day! So many great people around the globe should celebrate themself

17.4.2024: NOW AVAILABLE! - Bathocuproine Disulfonic Acid Disodium Salt

21.3.2023: Thioctic acid CAS number:1077-28-7 - New product in our list!

12.3.2023: Sostie entering Diagnostic business with great products line up! Ask for our presentation!

18.2.2023:SOSTIE Team will be participating Chemspec in Basel! Looking forward meeting you there.

31.1.2023: Sostie is expanding and opening an office in Vilnius Lithuania from 1.2.2023! This will help us being more present in one of our core markets, representing the Baltic states and Eastern / Central Europe. 

23.1.2023: We are proud to announce that we will market innovative Cannabinoid derivatives for one of our great manufacturing partners in EU! Please find out more on our Website and also in our Linked In Sostie profile

14.1.2023: We are pleased to welcome Marta Karchkhadze in our Team, who will be working as a business development assistant!

2.12.2022: EU manufacturer of alpha Naphtolbeinzein with excellent quality qualified! 

6.11.2022: DAPI made in EU - competitive prices, stock available!

15.10.2022: Exciting news about our Ferrozine! Upscale possibilities up to 100kg/y!

1.9.2022: We are attending CPHI! Schedule your appointment now!

 (3-Hydroxy-4-methoxybenzaldehyde) CAS 621-59-0 short term available in big amounts from EU stock!

5.7.2022: Sostie is happy to announce that we received REACH LOI for Mono Potassium Phosphate CAS 7778-77-0 and Potassium Phosphate CAS 7758-11-4 for 10-100MT each! We will be able to supply our clients with this products in high quality and with competitive prices in EU!

1.6.2022: Sostie Hanzl OG changed the name to Sostie OG

22.4.2022:We are happy to announce that Edith Flora Joel joined our team and will be responsible for Business Development and project management! Wish you a great start! You will learn more about Edith in our section Team

15.4.2022: We are sad to communicate that Gabija is no longer with us. We wish her all the best and we hope we see each other again.

15.3.2022: We are proud that our new developed product alpha Naphtolbenzein CAS 145-50-6 was accepted in quality from our client! We are now open to accept orders for this various used chemical.

12.2.2022: We are participating with our team Chemspec in Frankfurt and CPHI in Frankfurt!

8.1.2022: Launch of the new Sostie Website! Join the design and discover whats new!

1.1.2022: Announcing our new partnership with Wolfgang Triebl, who will take over our services for industrial chemicals in Central Europe. We are honored and thankful to have a cooperation with such an experienced and well known friend. Good Luck!

23.12.2021: Sostie Team wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a prosperous year 2022!

16.11.2021: New European source for alpha Naphtolbenzein, high purity! Product available from April 2022. 

23.8.2021:On Stock - Ferrozine: 97%+ 2200€ exw. Austria/kg - Made in Europe! 1.5kg on stock!

26.7.21: Busy summertime in Sostie - But good news! One of our partners developed CYCLOHEXANESULFONYLCHLORIDE CAS 4837-38-1 with hight purity! Made in EU!

1.7.2021: We are happy welcome Gabija Stankeviciute as new project manager and Business development in our Sostie Team. Don't hesitate and contact her any time.

17.5.2021: We just qualified another EU manufacturer as a 2nd supplier of a strategic intermediate for big EU API manufacturer!

12.4.2021: TCEP CAS 51805-45-9: Well established source from EU available! Ask your demand for TCEP HCl now!

24.3.2021: New activities and opportunities in Enzyme technology are now open to a much broader spectrum for our clients! Check our presentations and our biotech product list on our website!

22.1.2021: new Products in Focus:

-)) Ferrozine 97%+ 
3-(2-Pyridyl)-5,6-diphenyl-1,2,4-triazine-p,p′-disulfonic acid monosodium salt 
CAS 28048-33-1
Usage: Iron Reagent
--> 1.7kg on stock - immediately available
-)) DAPI 
2-(4-Amidinophenyl)-6-indolecarbamidine dihydrochloride
CAS 28718-90-3
Usage: Fluorescent dye binding selectively to DNA. For demonstration of mycoplasmas and viruses in cells. For fluorescent chromosome staining. Dye for brain stem.
--> 1200g on stock - immediately available! 
31.12.2020: An interesting year passed by and we all learned a lot.Hope, we face a successful new and normal 2021!

31.12.2020:This year was far different from all the years before. We faced a lot of new challenges and new situations! Long time granted and established doors got closed and new doors opened.

Staying positiv, flexible and innovative helped us to be open to all this changes and we used them to be prepared for the future.
We implemented new Biotechnological services and welcomed Kristina on board as an excellent specialist.
Never were our services asked more than during the last months! We established a deeper relationship with our existing partners and we connected with more new great manufacturing partners and more phantastic clients than ever before.
We are very grateful for each personal connection and for each project we have investigated, evaluated and realized with our partners!
To be honest, we can’t wait for jumping into 2021 to improve our services and range of operations to become an even better partner for our clients! And of course we hope meeting all of you again personally soon.
We wish you a peaceful Christmas time and a happy, successful and healthy New Year 2021!

4.10.2020: All exhibitions were postponed to 2021! Fingers cross, that they will take place in 2021 - we miss the personal interaction!

10.8.2020: new product list available - find out more in our download center

1.8.2020: New products in focus:

N,N-Hexamethylenebis(maleimide) - CAS 4856-87-5, and other homologues.
Biotin N-Hydroxysuccinimide ester - CAS 35013-72-0
3-maleimidopropionic acid N-hydroxysuccinimide ester - CAS 55750-62-4
Mono-Benzyltetraethylene Glycol CAS 86259-87-2,
and it's Tosylate CAS 89346-82-7!

21.7.2020: New company presentation available Sostie Biotech and Sostie Chemistry in our download center !


NEW source of DAPI (4‘,6-Diamidino-2-phenylindole dihydrochloride)! 
CAS: 28718-90-3
Excellent EU manufacturer! Purity >98% 
We can now offer very competitive quotes and immediate shipment from stock!

10.6.2020: new updated product list uploaded on our website! Discover new compounds and possibilities!

5.5.2020: Biotechnology is an important part of our company. We are cooperating with an Austrian enzyme engineering company, and many CMOs and CROs in biotechnology, protein-, peptides-, carbohydrates chemistry and nucleotides for pharma, cosmetics and for diagnostic use from all over the world. To strengthen our activities in this areas we welcome Kristina Glusciukaite as a new member in our Business development team. She is a Biotechnologist and Microbiologist and will maintain and expand our marketing activities in this field! We wish you a good start and tons of success.

1.4.2020: We qualified a new great European manufacturing source of 5-Aminofluorescein CAS 3326-34-95-Aminofluorescein is used as an Fluorescence labeling reagent for proteins and used in the fluorescent antibody technique for fast identification of pathogens. Also used as an intraoperative Fluorescence staining of malignant brain tumors using 5-Aminofluorescein-labeled Albumin. Beside the application as a diagnostic reagent it also utilized as a building block for pharma ingredients.

24.3.2020Enzymes are an important and fast growing part in many industries! Our Enzyme specialist partner has now available new information regarding their new catalase as a neutralizer, a patented formulation, as replacement or extension to the use of pyruvate. e.g. - for the utilization in environmental monitoring applications.

17.3.2020: Based on the pandemic Corona disease the CPHI North America is postponed to September this year. Even we organized to participate in May, we will not participate in September. Looking forward hopefully meeting our partners at Chemspec in Cologne and at CPHI Milano in October. 

24.2.2020: High sophisticated Enzyme technology. If you are hunting for the right enzyme engineers - we have the solution for you! A great partnership with a well established and well know local company with excellent track record for your individual challenge!

19.2.2020: NEW company presentation available for download on our website, also updated product list for your download!

14.2.2020: Product in Focus: Xylidyl Blue Na salt CAS 14936-97-1

3.2.2020: Xylidyl Blue Na salt CAS 14936-97-1 - final development is done! We have established a great source in Europe with highest purity and reliability. Perfect for diagnostic applications. Now ready for inquiries.

28.1.2020: We are on LinkedIn! Search for Sostie Inc!

2.1.2020: Happy New Year! 

We´ll participate in 2020 on following exhibitions:

- CPHI North America May, 5-7th 

- Chemspec Cologne May, 27-28th 

- CPHI Worldwide Milano Oct, 13-15th

29.10.2019: Product in Focus: Pt(II) meso-Tetra(pentafluorophenyl)porphine 

CAS 109781-47-7

4.10.2019: Preparing for CPHI 2019 in Frankfurt! Contact us now for scheduling our meeting!

7.9.2019: Update of our product list and API list - watch out for the new products, made in CEE/US

30.8.2019: Product in Focus: Trimethylchlororsilane, CAS 75-77-4 

1.8.2019: SOSTIE celebrates 5 years anniversary!!! We are so proud and honored to support so many clients in a friendly and positive way! We are looking forward to our next 5 years to come with big potentials and more satisfied clients and manufacturing partners!

9.7.2019: New partnership for Sostie in CEE for production & R&D

7.6.2019: See you in Basel at Chemspec

20.5.2019: Product in Focus: Ergocalciferol made in CEE

16.4.2019: Next stop Chemspec in Basel! June 2019!

13.3.2019: Just one month left for CPhI North America! Schedule your appointment with us today.

1.3.2019: Product in Focus: 4-Methyl-4H-1,2,4-triazole-3-thiol,CAS 24854-43-1

7.2.2019: Updated company presentation and product lists! Watch out now!

7.1.2019: We attend this year at CPHI North America(30.4.-2.5), Chemspec in Basel (26/27.6.) and CPHI worldwide in Frankfurt (5.-7.11.)! Get in touch to arrange meetings with us!

2.1.2019: We wish all our partners and clients a healthy and successful 2019!

12.12.2018: Product in Focus: 2,4-Dihydroxyquinoline CAS 86-95-3

10.10.2018: Products in Focus: Enzymes & Biocatalysts - LIPASES, ß-Lactamases, Peroxidases, Phospholipases, other Enzymes

3.9.2018: We expand our team - looking for sales & business development people! Send your resume today to

1.8.2018: We are attending CPhI Madrid - We are pleased meeting you!

15.6.2018: New partnership with Austrian company Eucodis, specialized in Enzyme engineering! Get your info today!

1.6. Product in focus: Methylvinylketone CAS 78-94-4 , Made in CEE

16.4.2018: We are attending Chemspec in Cologne on 20/21.June 2018 - Schedule your Meeting with us today!

03/2018: Product in Focus: Ethyl-N-(Cyanoacetyl) Carbamate CAS 6629-04-5

02/2018: We are expanding our list of partners for new territorial areas! Check out - our new possibilities!

01/2018: Product in Focus: 3,4-Epoxy-1-butene CAS 930-22-3

12/2017: Product in Focus: N-[4-(2,4-Di-tert.pentylphenoxy)Butyl]-1-hydroxy-2-naphtamide 

22.12.2017: Best Christmas wishes for you and your family and all the best for 2018!

8.11.2017: Cooperation Agreement signed with Zembronice in Nigeria for African Business development 

10/2017 Product in Focus: 10-Bromo-1Decanol from European source, CAS 53463-68-6 (competitive pricing!!)

24.- 26. 10. 2017: Attending CPhI in Frankfurt- Schedule your meeting with us today!

01.07. 2017: We have more than 6000 compounds manufactured in Central/Eastern Europe in our updated product list!.

01. 06. 2017: Welcome our new staff member Marin! She´s responsible for our Marketing!

12. 03. 2017: We are attending CHEMSPEC in Europe (30.5./1.6. - Munich)!

03.11. 2016: Check out our new updated product list! Already ore than 5000 compounds available on regular base, manufactured in Central/Eastern Europe! PLUS great taylor made CM opportunities for our clients!

10. 08. 2016: We are attending CPhI in Barcelona! Schedule your meeting with us!

14. 06. 2016: Check out new updated Sostie product list

01. 04. 2016:We are attending CHEMSPEC in Basel in June this year! Schedule your meeting with us today!

01. 03. 2016: Softie Inc., located in Bonita Springs is founded successfully!

09. 02. 2016: Pleas find new company presentation and product list for your download!

23. 12. 2015: We wish you happy holidays and a successful New Year 2016!