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Biotechnology is one of the key forces to drive the humanity towards a better, easier and healthier life.  

As an innovative company, we are always trying to support and represent our partners with the knowledge in the dynamic market of biotechnological sphere. 

Over the past years we managed to build a strong relationship with partners in the fields of enzyme and protein engineering, molecular biology and fermentation. Our expertise allows us to successfully market their production, expand their customer base and as supply them with the highest quality of raw materials for their technological process. 

Existing portfolio includes enzymes, recombinant proteins, nucleotides, buffering solutions, components for the culture medium just to name a few. We are focused on the selection of only high-quality biotechnological products, therefore we are very careful in the selection of companies with which we work, exploring new opportunities to increase our product network. With our transparent and responsible attitude towards our partners, we are proud to have an ability to deliver superior results for our new and existing clients. 

We are open and ready for the future cooperations with your company!

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